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EthDyDxBridge and stake DYDX with Chorus One
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The bridging works by depositing DYDX tokens to a smart contract on Ethereum and receiving an equal number of DYDX tokens on the dYdX chain after 48 hours. This smart contract is written by dYdX foundation.
1Connect Ethereum and Cosmos wallets
Available Balance: dydx logo0 dYdX
info iconIt will take 48 hours for your tokens to appear on the dYdX chain.
This time requirement is set by the dYdX foundation.
Approve bridge transaction
Estimated fee: N/A
ApproveTransaction ID:
BridgeTransaction ID:
Stake tokens with Chorus One
Bridged Balance: dydx logo0 DYDX
Validator Address:Unbonding time:
dydxvaloper1etalxu4gsyj2yq4n6dvztu8u43wcewjlutlek5 (Chorus One)30 days
We've automated the stake transaction, so this transaction will only be broadcasted once your DYDX tokens arrive on the dYdX Chain (~48 hours).
Make sure to not perform any other transaction on the dYdX chain until bridging and staking is successful.See FAQs
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